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Live to Learn – Learn to Live

Innovation in education
Online learning is the emergent innovative learning delivery method in Further Education today. And such a pioneering market needs innovative people to lead the way with new and exciting online learning opportunities.

Creating Careers is the UK’s first online learning business to deliver a total service to the Further Education (FE) sector in England. This includes accredited content, learning systems and environments and student recruitment solutions.

Creating Careers has quickly established itself as a market leader in online learning by:

Breaking down barriers
Our driving ambition is to help learners realise their potential by breaking down barriers to learning and creating flexible, accessible learning opportunities. Our easy-to-use courses provide practical learning content in relevant areas for today’s skills needs.

Academic foundation – practical application
We believe that our courses should have an academic foundation and a practical application. This means all of our courses are nationally recognised and part of the government’s qualification framework. A practical application means we put learners first. We work hard to develop online learning environments that are fresh, fun and new and offer students access to ground-breaking training in a range of skills.

Join a learning community
Over 11,000 learners and more than 40 colleges are currently experiencing our revolutionary approach to learning through vision2learn. Learners study on free* interactive courses with activities, quizzes and online assessments, while online support from college tutors is always just a click away. Everyone communicates through lively discussion boards, a café area and a messaging system.

Creating Careers is working in a unique partnership with technology experts The Next Level Systems Ltd to offer vision2learn, the complete online learning solution.

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