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Getting to know you
The more you know about yourself, the more likely you are to succeed. So why not spend a little time getting to know yourself and we’ll give you some really useful tools that will help you as you work and learn.

Learning for Life
Take our interactive assessment designed to help you understand more about how you learn best.

Everyone learns in a different way and your personal report will outline your own preferred way of studying, as well as giving you hints and tips on using your learning style to make the most of every learning opportunity.

Take the Learning for Life Assessment

Career Navigator
This easy to use online assessment will help you to manage your career and personal development. Identify how your career is progressing and learn about your own unique working style in relation to how you look for, apply for and start a new job.

Take the Career Navigator Assessment

Working Styles
The following questions are designed to enable you to think through your preferred style of working. There are no right or wrong answers and you will gain most benefit from the exercise if you answer the questions as honestly as possible.

Take the Working Styles Assessment

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